Events, Volunteer Opportunities, & Inspiration for Aspiring Activists!

Be Part of Something Great!

 Activism and participation in speaking out against the awful standard practices of the major industries contributing to specific atrocities are essential parts of the success of every movement that has fought against and overcome injustices throughout human history.

 Join an outreach group, volunteer for mentoring, or connect with your local community in some other way that works for you to help get the crucial concept of non-selective compassion to reach as many people as possible.

 We are always looking for new organizations to support and work with, so out of the several different campaigns we are contributing towards at an given time (or maybe one of the awesome causes in our archives), it should be easy to find something that personally inspires you to get involved and make your voice heard!

Stand on the correct side of history as it's being made!


Become a Challenge22 mentor

Challenge22 offers support groups (on Facebook) where vegans (of 6 months or more) can mentor and assist people who are making their first steps towards veganism.

Each support group remains open for just under a month and provides a safe and friendly environment for people who want to try to be vegan.

To join a team of Challenge mentors, you will need to go through an online training process. Once you become a mentor, you will be expected to log in to the Facebook support group on a daily basis (for the duration of each Challenge) and answer questions from "mentees".

If you like to express yourself in writing, want to help people become vegan and are interested in a positive and friendly form of activism, we highly recommend becoming a mentor!




Find a vegan community in your local area and join forces

We are stronger and wiser together! By joining a local community of vegans, you will be able to learn about activities that are being done in your area and help them to grow and be more successful. Additionally, you will be able to start your own initiatives that local people will be able to join!

Maintaining a supportive local vegan community can be highly beneficial for new vegans as well. This is because it provides them with the opportunity to join local activism efforts and meet like-minded individuals even if it's just to let off steam from living in a currently speciesist world.

Climate march

For those who are ready to outreach directly with the public

Anonymous For the Voiceless is a global organization working to educate and inspire change from individuals up to larger scale parts of the world's population.