Resources and Support for New Vegans


5 Simple Steps to Veganism

 For those who are not sure where to start but know that being vegan is the first step in the right direction, Be Fair Be Vegan has a very simple 5 Step Program to help get you started on your journey to reclaiming your innate caring nature and making your actions match up with your values. 


Challenge 22+  —  All your questions answered!

100% Free     Registered Dieticians   Personal Mentor

Notably the best vegan support group out there, not to mention it's both online and free! Hundreds of vegan mentors, as well as registered dietitians, are there to help you take your first steps.

Changing what we eat can be hard at first, but after that initial period is over - being vegan becomes second nature! The good news is you don't have to take the first and harder steps on your own!

Over 22 days you will receive valuable tips, delicious recipes, and nutritional info, all within a private Facebook group with other people who want to be vegan as well! In addition, you will also be assigned a personal mentor to chat with whenever you need one-on-one support.


Vegan Southern Fried Chick*n Burger 

Find Vegan Eateries, Bar, Specialty Shops, You-Name-Its

Food is obviously one of the biggest aspects to explore, try new things, and rediscover what you truly enjoy when living your life with intention and mindfully sourcing how you fuel yourself as a vegan. Enter HappyCow, which is an excellent tool for finding vegan anything around your home base, or should you want to plan ahead for travel.



Being a vegan doesn't mean you have to give up on booze

Barnivore is an exhaustively thorough database of all things wine, beer, sprits, and generally proof-related, so you can find out if your adult beverage of choice has a whole chicken in it's ingredients list, or preferably not, because, ew.

Also, beyond keeping it kind, please drink responsibly!